What If

“Everyone is equal in God’s eyes, why not ours?”

That’s the burning question, why do any of us think we are not all equal?

Sure some make more money than others, live in better homes, drive nicer cars, but what does that mean to God? NOTHING!

The same as it should be to you and I,  yet our egos overcome us, we have to have the best of everything, and no homeless person could do anything for me, anything at all. Walk away and leave me alone nasty old man.

Let me run a scenario by you, what if your child had a rare blood type and you were searching the country for a match, before he or she died.

The rich, the greedy, the uppity refused to help. All of them, because it would take away from their lusting after even more wealth, more possessions, or more power.

What if a nasty, stinking, homeless man came to you and said I will do it, I will donate blood for your child.

Would you now look at him differently, would you accept him, instead of turning your head and refusing to see him?

I pray  that all of you who think you are better than my friends, are never faced with this scenario.

I pray for your child even more, many of you would  have a hard time accepting this offer…..wouldn’t you…

Walk away and leave me alone nasty old man…

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

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