What Is An Advocate

What is an advocate for the Homeless?

I’ve heard a lot over the years about what we do…after all we only go out on Saturdays…that should be easy enough.

Those Saturdays are the culmination of a week’s preparation of collecting needed supplies, driving over three counties to make sure we can have enough for our trips out to the camps, and spending $300.00 plus in gas for two vehicles each month.

The phones ring or text messages daily, or during the night with questions from them.

Lately we have been dealing with Doctors, hospitals, and medicine to buy.

You become a shoulder to lean on, someone to confide in, for example Angie had over a thirty minute talk Saturday with one of our friends, he has been to church the past two weeks and they were discussing that.

On the ride to one camp we let one of our friends ride back to his camp, and we discussed his previous life of drugs and how he had to leave family to get clean.

They want to talk, they want to be heard, we are advocates, we listen, we talk.

Then we have to deal with those that have to move, who can they be in the camp with, will they get along, camps that are exploding with new people, not enough food to let each camp have a good selection.

Am I complaining, in no way! God has put this path before me and I will walk it until the day I die.

I do ask that when you hear someone say…they just work one day a week….share the info with them about the other 6 days a week 😊

We are in prayer for many new things to better our friends lives….PLEASE keep them and us in your thoughts and prayers

The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

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