When The Wind Blows

We write about the camps we go to, but until you see one with your own eyes, you cannot imagine the way our homeless live.

Being an Advocate is not for the weak stomached, you see as you walk through the woods you must watch for animal or human feces, snakes, rats and even raccoons.

When the wind blows the stench coming from the camps greets you on the pathway. I’ve never understood their mentality of being pack rats, they save everything, thus adding to the smell of the camps. The areas are musky and moldy from the wet terrain.

No showers, wearing the same clothes for months at a time, all add up to a stomach churning experience.

Recently I went into the woods to see one of our guys who is notorious for not taking baths, he is a very large man, and as I approached his tent the smell hit me head on.

He said come in my tent, Larry, I dreaded it but went in to see him. He was lying on a cot, flies hovering around and on him. The smell of body odor and urine was everywhere.

I am thankful he only had a few questions and complaints!

I always leave the camps thanking God for sparing me the life that they are living, because it could have been me very easily.

I don’t know the answer to homelessness…I do know it is getting worse everyday…you can tell it is when the wind kisses the woods and the smell leads you down their pathways…

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

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