Who Am I

Some of you know my story…now the rest of you do.

My wife was diagnosed with a severe illness that required surgery on her spinal cord, no one in this particular area would do it so we were flown to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis Tennessee. She underwent the surgery and we were there a total of three months before we came home.

After arriving home the hard part began, the healing process, two children to feed and during the three months away I had lost my job.

We had no home so we bounced from relatives to friends to stay with them until we could find a place to rent.

Pride set in as it does in situations like this, and we would not ask anyone for help, don’t do like we did, if you need help reach out, it’s there just ask for it!

We were trying to figure out how to plan a meal, not meals, because there was no money coming in. We learned how to divide a can of soup among us many days.

One night someone knocked on our door and friends, and people we didn’t even know brought box after box of food into our home, our church heard we were struggling and brought us a check.

Right then and there I decided if we ever made it through this struggle we would help those in need.

I decided I had to learn how to stretch money and needed to learn quickly. I joined a coupon group that now has over 400,000 members and poured my time into learning the ins and outs of coupons.

I found a person who took me under his wing and answered all of my silly, often asked more than once, and boring questions, patiently and in a way I could understand.

I went on to become a Forum Leader on that site, helping to answer questions and teaching others what I had learned.

Years went by with us helping the less fortunate on our own, and then my wife said why don’t we make our own coupon group.

It was time to leave and with the hand of Caroline Carpenter in my back pushing me off the limb I was able to created The Coupon Patrol.

Shortly after we created The Families Of The Month Program, something I am very proud of, because of the way people gave to us in our time of need, we all were able to give back, and I thank you all for making that part TCP success.

I took the blessing of coupons to another level by teaching others how to save money and how to donate to the less fortunate.

The Coupon Patrol has been deactivated but it led us to working with the homeless and Angie McElyea, Richard Waltman, and I created Hearts For Homeless… God led us to the creation and is still leading us down the pathway to helping our friends.

I know my wife is looking down and smiling on all of our Hearts Family for the amazing work being done, and if I could hear her I know she would say…”I told you we would make it, you just had to believe.”

We have a Facebook page that you can follow to see the work our members are doing, and to meet our homeless friends through pictures.

Please pray on it and if you feel that you want to help our ministry we have a donation button on our main page…

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

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