Who Is She

Who is she…that’s my question for you…

This week I have seen the picture at the bottom of this post circulated, made fun of, called stupid redneck, or a shame to her family.

To my scholar friends I know you are screaming bloody murder, because every word is misspelled.

What kind of example is this woman to her kids?

How could they respect her teaching of life if she can’t spell?

You see God made us all different, aren’t we glad He did?

What you may see as flaws, I see as strength, and now some of you are saying is he crazy?

Get past the spelling, get to the heart and meat of her list.

Her list is to feed a family, a family that she loves without doubt.
She knows exactly what she needs to buy, and I assure you she won’t waiver from that list, in order to save money.

Her family depends on her, making her a tremendous value to their home, to their heritage, to their existence.

My next question to you is…what can we learn from this matriarch…laughter at someone’s expense, sympathy for the unlearned, or strength in who we are…

Seek and ye shall find the answers deep within your heart…

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