Everything is not life or death serious in the world of the homeless.

There are times that we can laugh together, and that makes for a very calm,enjoyable day.

Today we were transporting some of our folks to wash their clothes,the first Saturday of every month our friends from Loads of Love wash and dry their clothes free.

Anyway, back to this story. One of our guys has owned a pretty big, vicious dog for a while now, he tried to get to me once, and it was no fun running from him.

Today he said I got rid of my dog, I said oh yeah?
Yeah some rich people took him, they have a big yard for him to run in. I said well that’s great.

We talked a little while longer and I said you really didn’t need that dog, don’t get another one.

Then he said, oh you think that dog was big? I’m getting a 450 lb Wottweiler! Wottweiler you mean Rottweiler, yeah that’s what I said Wottweiler!

I shook my head and said that’s a big dog.He was beaming and said the baddest dog you’ve ever seen!

We have to enjoy stories like this because they are few and far between, so we cherish all of them that we hear, and if I see a 450 lb Wottweiler in the woods, I am running again!

We Believe…
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More

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  1. I hope he gets his ‘wottweiler’ but one with no teeth😁

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