You’re No Good

Growing up in small town Alabama, everyone knew everyone’s business.

There were two classes of people those deemed no good, and those who were put on a pedestal.

My family, although hard working Christians, were classified in the no good section. My Father worked six days a week, sacrificed many of his prized possessions to give us what we needed, not what we wanted.

School was the same way, the no goods could never compete with the elite, none of us ever won an award, or could compete at any level.

On more than one occasion people would tell me I would never amount to anything.

Isn’t that the same way the world classifies our friends?

No goods who will never amount to anything, who would never compete, or be accepted?

I think God put me in the position to help our friends to show them they are not worthless, or bad people, and we can pray that someday they will be accepted, not as the invisible people of the woods, but as normal individuals just like you and I.

To the classmates, to the town citizens, who told me I would never amount to anything, thank you, thank you for making me work harder, for making me determined, for making me the man I am today…I pray that you are pleased with the outcome…

We Believe
The Forgotten Shall Be Forgotten No More


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  1. Not 15 min ago I was saying those same kind of thank yous . Only I was thanking biological parents(and a stepfather) for letting my grandparents, aunts & uncles raise me. They truly showed me unconditional love and most importantly the love of our heavenly father. There’s nothing like being an unwanted child, being told you are no good and never will be, being told that your very existence is the cause of everything bad that happens. Things that many might never notice will break your heart.It gives you a heart for others like you. That’s why today I can say thank you Lord! That’s why I pray that not one person has that feeling in their very heart & soul. It hurts and it steals your hope. That’s why we now take care of my biological mother. I dont want her to ever feel as I did. It’s a feeling that you can only know, if you know. I pray for our friends, for health, for food, for a better way, but most of all that they know they matter, to God so much that he sent His Son to die for each one of them and that they matter to every one of us❤ God bless yall Larry, Angie & Richard, for ‘seeing’ our friends when so many didnt and for sharing them with all of us.

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